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north park jiu jitsu

Body Mechanics & Laws of Physics

The science behind Brazilian Jiu Jitsu combines the understanding of body mechanics, tactical positioning and combat psychology; when technique is combined with the proper application of leverage, timing and appropriate force it can result in extraordinary effectiveness. Our goal is equip the students with the appropriate knowledge to reach their goal in Jiu Jitsu; whether it be for sport, weight loss, self-defense or competition. 

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north park jiu jitsu


Classes focus on positional control and submissions. Training methods include but are not limited to;technique drills in which techniques are practiced against a non-resisting partner; positional drilling where only a certain technique or sets of techniques are used; and full sparring in which each opponent tries to submit their opponent using any legal technique. Gi and No - Gi classes available 


open mat - jiu jitsu // Sundays 3pm

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Family, Friends
& Community

Throughout our journey we are honored to have hosted and supported many magnificent events and seminars in our community. We have have built lasting friendships with individuals and local businesses that share our same goal. Jiu Jitsu transcends beyond the mats, building confidence and beneficial characteristics in mind and body. We would be honored for the opportunity to pay forward our knowledge and positive experiences in Jiu Jitsu within the community.  We are always looking to collaborate with other like-minded businesses/individuals that is willing to be a positive advocate to our school and our programs. If you would like to be part of our movement please contact us!

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North Park, San Diego


Located near the heart of North Park. We are located one block east of the I-805 freeway. Free lot parking available with street parking. Located in a yellow building. 

I wasn’t a good student, and even now I never say that I am better than anybody, but I know I love Jiu Jitsu more than anybody. I love the energy and that it gets deeper the more you study.
— Marcelo Garcia